LGBT tourists who went to Cancun for a “Day of the Dead” vacation ended up running for their lives


On Thursday, November 4th, around 2:30 PM, some 15 men armed with long weapons, broke into the hotel premises, according to unofficial versions, kidnapped somebody taking the person away in a boat. However, Mexican officials said no tourists had been kidnapped.

According to the testimonies, these men actually exchanged gunfire with other individuals that apparently, were inside the premises, most likely as guests of the hotel.

So, guests at this five-star Cancun resort were sent scrambling for shelter when these rival groups of alleged drug dealers engaged in a gun battle right on the beach.

Mexican officials said no tourists had been seriously harmed in the attack at the Hyatt Ziva Riviera resort in Bahía Petempich, Mexico, which left two alleged gangsters dead and one guest mildly injured.

The hotel had been hosting a week-long ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration for LGBT travelers when a group of armed criminals, described by Mexican media as “commandos”, arrived by boat and triggered a “rain of gunfire”.

Source: Noticaribe

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