It is possible to cancel an internet or telephone contract without penalty says Profeco


In some cases, the telecommunications provider is not entitled to charge penalties when the consumer requests early cancellation. Profeco guides you with this guide.

Canceling the internet or telephone contract can cause a headache just thinking about it. Even more so when the supplier alleges that there is a mandatory deadline to meet or, otherwise, there will be a penalty. But it’s not always like this.

The Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) has a guide to cancel the contract without penalty and defend yourself in case you want to end the relationship with your provider now.

It does not matter that there is a mandatory term in the telecommunications service contract, since, according to Profeco, the law protects the consumer in the event that the early cancellation is caused by “causes attributable to the provider.”

How to cancel the internet or telephone contract without penalty

In the March Consumer Magazine, Profeco calls on consumers of telecommunication services to follow the following steps to cancel a contract with a forced term.

Be careful, in some cases, it will be inevitable to pay the penalties stipulated in the points of the agreement. But, in the next section, you will be able to see in which case penalties cannot be charged.

Steps to cancel the contract:

  • Notify your provider by the means you contracted the service or by any other you wish.
  • It will be verified that you do not have debts. If they exist, you will be charged the conventional penalties that are in the contract.
  • If this is the case, you must cover the stipulated conventional penalties (over the remaining months of the forced term. But these must not exceed 20% of the total remaining service to be paid.
  • If you purchased the equipment in installments, you must cover what remains to be paid or return it, if the contract so stipulates.
  • You must be provided with a cancellation folio and your service provider must not make any other extra charges.

In these cases no penalties are charged:

Profeco warns that in the following cases no penalty should be charged for early cancellation.

  • Due to attributable causes (non-compliance) of the supplier (does not apply in fortuitous cases or force majeure)
  • In case the service is not installed in a timely manner (they must return your advance if you wish)
  • Derived from modifications to your contract without your consent (you must be notified of any change in your contract 30 days before)
  • At the end of your mandatory term contract

Compare terms and conditions before contracting

If you still do not contract any telecommunications service, Profeco suggests consulting the Adhesion Contract Comparator.

On this site, it is possible to access the various contracts of all authorized suppliers. This way you can compare contractual guarantees, forced term, penalties, equipment, and reasons for cancellation.

Where to report or reconcile abuses by your provider?

If your service provider does not respect the adhesion contract, you can file your complaint or complaint with the Profeco Telecommunications Sub-Attorney Office through the following channels:

If you want to file a complaint and initiate a conciliation, contact Concilianet:

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