Hotels in Holbox still do not have enough water for tourists


The high demand for water on the island of Holbox prevents the liquid from coming out with the necessary pressure to meet the needs of hotels and venues.

After the passage of Hurricane Grace, the hotels in Holbox did not have enough water for tourists to bathe. Today, 10 days after the passing of the meteor, the service has been restored although failures persist in some points, said the municipal president of Lázaro Cárdenas, Nivardo Mena.

He pointed out that the major technical problems have already been solved, such as the ruptures suffered by the underwater pipeline that carries fresh water to the island.

Holbox is a kind of sandpile and there is no underground water at shallow depth, as is the case throughout the Yucatan Peninsula. The only direct source of freshwater it has is Laguna Yalahau, but it is not suitable for human consumption or domestic tasks.

Heavy rains and winds from Grace, which made landfall on Thursday, August 17, on the Caribbean coast, broke the main pipe, leaving the town without water for more than four days.

Hotels in Holbox still do not have enough water for tourists.  (Photo: SIPSE)

This caused chaos in the main economic activity of the Island, which is tourism.

Hotels ran out of water to wash dishes, bedding, or allow tourists to bathe. The water from the pools was even used for certain tasks.

On Friday, the Potable Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA) reported to residents that there was an advance of between 70 and 80 percent in the complete restoration of service.

The City Council points out that by this Saturday all the works have been completed, but the high demand at this time prevents the liquid from coming out with the due pressure or at some points it does not reach to arrive.

Another difficulty, after the hurricane, was the voltage of the electrical energy to operate the pumps, according to the residents.

“It is important to mention that the line is already very old and deteriorated … it was demonstrated in this storm.”

Astarot Kapellmann, a local businessman in the town, pointed out that this is an example of the collapse of services that the island has , since public infrastructure has not grown at the rate of tourism and real estate development.


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