Despite hotel association requests to shut, Q.R. Governor says US flights will continue to land in Cancun


Cancun, Q.R. — The president of the Cancun Hotel Association says he has sent a letter to its members requesting they halt activities since the country has entered into Phase 3 of the coronavirus epidemic.

Roberto Cintrón, head of the Asociación de Hoteles de Cancún, Puerto Morelos & Isla Mujeres, says that according to the COVID-19 Health Emergency, travel is a non-essential activity and notes that international flights continue to arrive in the Mexican Caribbean.

He explained that the request was made that the hotels shut starting April 20 in order to protect health and avoid traveler displacement on public transports, which is becoming more complicated with tighter mobility restrictions.

However, not everyone has answered he says, noting that on Friday, four American flights landed, two from Miami, one from Charlotte and one from Dallas, adding that transmission is considered imminent. “As a Hotel Association, we urge you to close the operation of the hotels,” he requested.

Despite the continual arrival of flights from different US cities including New York, which is considered the epicenter, state governor Carlos Joaquín González said that the arrival of aircraft from the US will not be prohibited.

Carlos Joaquín argued that the few international arrivals should be maintained since they are the ones that will later allow Quintana Roo to get ahead.

“We are interested in them being maintained because they are the ones that will allow us to recover as soon as we have the economic scheme,” he said stressing that Quintana Roo airports are operating under 10 percent capacity and until today, 5.5 million seats have been canceled. He says that four “empty” international flights arrive daily as part of the protocol to maintain their spaces in the United States.


The Mazatlan Post