Cancun implements smart ATMs for the payment of local and federal taxes


Following the guidelines of the New Agreement for the Welfare and Development of Quintana Roo, the installation of 36 smart ATMs has begun in the city of Cancun. These ATMs, located in the Collection Directorate of the SATQ and Licensing Modules, as well as in shopping centers such as Plaza Cancun Mall and Plaza las Americas, seek to improve and make more efficient the payment services of local and federal taxes and contributions.

Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa promotes this initiative with the aim of providing better service to the citizens and modernizing the services in the agencies and entities of the State Public Administration, the Ministry of Finance and Planning.

Eugenio Segura Vázquez, head of the SEFIPLAN, stressed that the installation of these smart ATMs seeks to avoid queues and long waits to make the payment of the tax obligations of the citizens. The ATMs facilitate the payment of contributions and help save waiting time to carry out tax procedures.

Segura Vázquez pointed out that the platform used by the ATMs is very simple and guides the user step by step to be able to carry out the procedures, complying with all the security measures to protect personal information.

Source: Cancun News