Cancun: hoteliers call on protesters to stop riots


The violence that has been shaking the streets of Cancun for weeks worries hoteliers who have asked that citizens’ requests be responded to prevent further protests. The representative of the Cancun hoteliers, Roberto Cintrón, has stated on several occasions that these events damage the tourist image of the destination, as reported by 

“Once the requests for the demonstrations are answered, they will cease to exist,” said Cintrón, according to the Poresto portal. For the leader of the hoteliers, the priority should be focused on addressing the complaints of the protesters and not on the consequences of their claims.

He also stressed that the images of the riots have gone around the world damaging the image of the destination and that social networks have been one of the main propagators.

For its part, the Ministry of Tourism has advanced that no travel alert has been launched for these issues and that Cancun maintains its image as a vacation destination intact 

Cancun fears that police repression of citizens will damage tourism image


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