American and Canadian tourists report being raped at Cancun hotels authorities and hoteliers fail to act


“There are many cases like yours”

The victim, after requesting police support, points out that they told her that “it was too late to report, since the events had occurred at dawn”

A tourist identified as Regina from the United States announced through her social networks that she was sexually abused by an employee of the Ocean Coral & Turquesa hotel located in Puerto Morelos, her case added to that of Aliyaah, a Canadian tourist who denounced Last March, sexual abuse of a worker at the Royalton Cancun hotel, located in the hotel zone.

Both young women used their social networks, Instagram and Tik Tok to expose the nightmare of their vacations, in which in neither case have the hotels collaborated to punish the guilty.

In the early hours of Friday, April 29, an employee (as yet unknown) security guard at the “Ocean Coral & Turquesa” hotel allegedly abused a young woman who was staying with her boyfriend.

According to the victim named Regina Hernández, around 1:00 in the morning and in the absence of her boyfriend, an employee, taking advantage of the fact that she was drunk, offered to take her to her room, but she was directed until the top floor of the hotel, where the alleged crime occurred.

On the way to the scene, Regina says that the security guard, whose name is still unknown, would have taken the keys to her room and her cell phone and then put it in airplane mode.

After a while and after noticing her absence, her boyfriend was the one who found the young woman on the top floor of the hotel.

Regina denounced and notified the Hotel, however, seeing no willingness to get to the bottom of what happened, for fear that the event could affect its reputation, the victim filed the report with the Quintana Roo Attorney General’s Office.

Until now there is no more information from the Prosecutor’s Office or from the hotel authorities, who have been harshly criticized for their slow procedure to clarify the facts; however, Regina’s story and her complaint go viral on social networks.

In both cases, the aggressors took the victim’s cell phone and the key to her room, although in the case of Aliyaah, she managed to record part of the aggression she suffered and uploaded it to a Tik Tok account to make her testimony public.

Aliyaah shared the video of the moment in which she was harassed and assaulted by the Royalton hotel worker, who offered her to have sex in her own room.

The tourist recorded that moment in which the man snatches her cell phone, throws it on the floor and finally flees.

“Do not stay at the Royalton, in Cancun, I was sexually assaulted by a worker, I tried to close the door of the room when he touched my intimate area, he kicked my phone and ran,” he wrote in the message that accompanies the 44-second video.

I left the room to smoke a cigarette when the employee came over to offer me a lighter and I thanked him and left when I finished I went back to my room and the man was waiting for me at the door asking me to have sex. I insisted no and the man tried to touch me, so I started recording what happened.

Aliyaah reported the events to the hotel, where they assured her they would take action on the matter and fire the employee, and they told her that she could proceed legally, but she had to stay two more weeks in Cancun, while the judge handled the case. The young woman returned to her house without anyone solving anything for her.

In the case of Regina, which occurred this weekend, the young tourist reported on her networks that she was waiting for her boyfriend when a worker asked her if she needed help to get to her room because she saw it taken, and she said yes.

“Around 1:00 AM I was waiting for my boyfriend who had gone to the room for his bag because I didn’t want to walk anymore. At that, a hotel guard arrived and told me that he could help me get to my room, in my hand I had the key where it said the number, to which I answered yes “, I was taken, the young woman narrated.

On the way to the room, she said, the man took her hand with force and began to rub it in her private parts, the young woman says that she could not scream because she was in shock, in addition, the guard took the key to her room and the cell phone.

The man continued to touch her and took her to another floor where her room was not, until her boyfriend managed to find her and rescue her.

The young American made a complaint to the hotel and demanded the recordings of the events, as well as the name of the culprit, but the hotel has not agreed to help her, arguing that the cameras are useless.

After requesting police support, she said that the elements of a patrol that went to the hotel told her that “it was already too late to report since the events had occurred at dawn and that they had to take her to a doctor to check her and will certify that there was sexual abuse.

“The first thing the police do is intimidate me, the police who came to the hotel when they dialed 911, first blamed me for having ingested alcoholic beverages, but why did I drink a lot? Then they blamed me for being alone at that time…

Then they blamed me for not having defended myself, later with comments like, oops, if you don’t know who the abuser is, your complaint won’t go through” to finally point out that “there are many cases like yours”.


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