A foreigner is being detained for attacking a Pit Bull dog in Playa del Carmen


A foreign national identified as Eddy Alfonso ‘N’ will remain in pretrial detention for assaulting a pitbull in Playa del Carmen. According to investigations, on February 21 of the current year, the accused took the dog named “Susy” from Calle 4 with Calle 20 in this municipality. Subsequently, he mistreated the dog, causing injuries to its legs and chest, before abandoning it at Calle 42 and 44. The dog was later rescued by its owner.

Following a complaint filed with the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Environmental Crimes, Fauna, and Urban Development, an investigation was initiated. As a result, a judicial arrest warrant was obtained and executed by the Police of Investigation in the Misión Villamar Uno neighborhood in the municipality of Solidaridad.

During the indictment hearing and based on the presented evidence, the Judge of Control determined that Eddy Alfonso “N” should be held in pretrial detention for the duration of the legal process.

Source: Por Esto