Will Playa del Carmen proposal to remodel Fifth Avenue proceed


The plans of the business sector have changed due to the COVID health contingency.

The postponement of the remodeling of Fifth Avenue until the following year and five more points, the Business Coordinating Council proposes to benefit the economic reactivation in Playa del Carmen.

Lenin Amaro Betancourt, president of the Business Coordinating Council of the Riviera Maya, argued that the idea of ​​exposing six points of economic support aimed primarily at benefiting small businesses.

Postponing the remodeling of Fifth Avenue until 2021, the current priority is and should continue to be caring for the health of the people of Solidarity, in addition to guaranteeing livelihood, activating the economy is of vital importance, an essential result for the city’s businesses and the tourist area is activated as soon as possible, allowing its correct and normal operation, “said Amaro Betancourt, on the second point regarding Fifth Avenue.

It must be remembered that the remodeling of Fifth Avenue had been originally planned by the City Council to be carried out in late November and early December 2019; however, the business sector showed resistance to this plan because it would affect the high season; the City Council yielded and postponed the works to start them after the Easter holidays, however, the plans apparently have changed due to the health contingency.

In this sense, the official version has been constantly sought in Public Solidarity Works on the status of the remodeling work on Fifth Avenue, but so far no information has been issued in this regard.

Amaro Betancourt, on behalf of the Business Coordinating Council of the Riviera Maya, proposed five other points such as signing a “Loyalty and Honesty” agreement between businessmen and municipality in order to be committed to observing the best administrative practices within the local government; also strengthen public safety as this period of inactivity is prolonged to prevent crime rates from rising, among other points.

Source: sipse.com

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