Two arrested in Cancun real estate development for environmental damage


Cancun, Q.R. — Two people were arrested by Cancun police when they were found filling cenotes for future building foundations after the development had been shut down by city officials.

The two were removed from the property by police after they were discovered using heavy machinery to fill in centoes with cement. The real estate development had already been shut down by officials from the Ministry of Ecology and Urban Development for failing to comply with procedures.

Municipal Technical Secretariat head Hugo Alday Nieto, says the real estate development, which is located in the southern portion of Cancun, was being carried out without the corresponding permits and in evident disregard to the environment. Due to this, two subjects were arrested.

He said that it was the Directorate of Ecology that went to assess the damage and determined that it was land with several entrances to cenotes.

Hugo Alday Nieto added that they are working with Public Safety to stop the construction of irregular subdivisions and developments, which add to the age-old problem of invasions. He noted that they have the largest problems in the regions in the triangle that forms between avenidas Huayacán and boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio and the Aeropuerto Internacional of Cancún, also known as Distrito 17. However, he said that although most are concentrated in this area, the problem is present in all poles of Cancun.

Quintana Roo, Mexico (File Photo)

During their second round of inspections for irregular real estate sales, Cancun city officials have placed closing seals on the residential unit El Mezquital, El Palmar, Vasconia, Aldea Zoe, Aldea Xareni, Los Tulipanes, Don Sebastián and Los Girasoles.

The reviews were carried out by the Comptroller, Urban Development, Civil Protection, Public Security, Ecology, Legal Department, as well as Sedetus.


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