Tulum beachfront hotel wins award for design (video)


In this Caribbean destination, hotels seek to merge nature with luxury and excellence in services. As does this space with nest-shaped rooms.

Tulum is one of the most coveted destinations in the Caribbean. Its white-sand beaches and mesmerizing turquoise sea make it a paradise on earth that everyone wants to visit. The hotels deserve special mention, they are totally exceptional.

This small Caribbean destination has grown considerably in recent years, more and more hotel chains and renowned construction companies seek to have space in this magnificent jewel of the Caribbean to be able to carry out their tourism projects. In most cases a premise reigns, in Tulum the designs seek to blend with nature and the locality of the place and maintain the boutique concept.

tulum hotel nest

One of the hotels that is projected for the coming months in front of the beaches of Tulum has attracted everyone’s attention due to its special design that rises up as a bird’s nest. This is El Nido Boutique Hotel Tulum, a luxurious proposal by DNA that includes twelve villas in the shape of nests, a concept that also seeks to explore new ways in which tourism is more in contact with Mother Earth.

Nature is the protagonist of each space in this place in Tulum, its architecture is also inspired by seashells and other elements of the region, a place suspended between the turquoise sea and the sky of the Mayans. Every detail is designed in a sustainable way, with natural ventilation, water collection, dry construction, solar panels, wastewater management and use of natural materials.

The rooms will have privileged views of the sea. The hotel will have community pools, outdoor spaces, a gym, a beach club, spa, among other magnificent services. “The balance between mind, body, and soul is the main objective of this magical retreat, with spa and wellness center, Ayurveda and yoga center and a beach club in front of the incredible Tulum sea, ” they expressed from the company in charge of the draft. 

tulum hotel nest

Thanks to the surprising design of El Nido Hotel Boutique has been awarded the title of winner of the First Prize of the “2020 Architecture, Construction, and Design Awards”, in the Hospitality category. 

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