Tourist is trapped in a search on Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen


When walking down Fifth Avenue, a tourist steps on a register from the Federal Electricity Commission that collapses and her left leg gets stuck, so elements of public security, the National Guard, the Navy and later the Fire Department had to arrive to be able to release it.

And the tourist couldn’t get her leg out, so she was there accompanied for more than half an hour and it was necessary for the firefighters to use a chisel and a drill to free said leg.

It should be mentioned that this manhole cover was one of those installed during the remodeling of the tourist area in the administration of Laura Beristain, and is located at 10th Street in an area where the entry of vehicles is not allowed. that is, only pedestrians.

Fortunately, the tourist had no injuries and she was able to walk without problems with an adventure that she will be able to tell about when she returns to her place of origin.

Source: Por Esto