Federal Immigration agents from Mexico are kidnapped and beaten

Fotografía de archivo de algunos integrantes del Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM). EFE/Luis Torres

Seven federal agents from Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM) were kidnapped and beaten about four kilometers from the Cancun airport after receiving death threats for carrying out operations against illegal migration, according to a press release issued by the institute last night.

According to the INM, several vehicles surrounded and then collided with the vehicle in which the federal immigration agents were traveling. The officers were beaten and taken to a house at gunpoint, the INM said.

The seven federal agents were rescued during a joint operation that included local, state and federal law enforcement, the institute said.

The agents told investigators that they had “received death threats” and that they had been warned “to stop carrying out operations against illegal migration that transits through the state of Quintana Roo that heads to entities in the north of the country (Mexico)” , according to the INM.

The case is under investigation, the INM said.

“The INM will continue to work to carry out safe, orderly and regular migration in accordance with the law,” the INM said in the press release.

Just last week, INM agents rescued 215 migrants who had been abandoned in a tractor-trailer in the Mexican state of Veracruz, and the INM social media account on X is peppered with other examples of federal INM agents rescuing migrants who were being trafficked through Mexico.

Source: CNN Español