Three Colombian nationals arrested for 108 Cancun home invasions


Cancun, Q.R. — Three people arrested over the weekend are believed to be responsible for more than 100 home invasions around Cancun. The announcement was made by head of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), Óscar Montes de Oca Rosales.

He specified that after 108 home robberies, they have enough evidence to convict the recently arrested trio of Colombian nationals. He says the three, who remain in preventative detention, robbed homes mostly in Cancun.

Montes de Oca says that they have video of the trio removing access cards from inside private vehicles, often taking advantage of a moment when the owner was away from their unlocked car, such as removing bags after returning from a supermarket. They would then place the residential access cards inside vehicles they rented to enter the residential subdivisions unsuspected.

Trio arrested for allegedly robbing Cancun homes
Three Colombian nationals arrested for 108 home robberies mostly around Cancun

He added that aside from video, on-site security companies were also helpful in providing police access to their data. “We obtained a lot of information. We were given access to the data, a study was carried out, investigative work done and thus, we determined the people and their modus operandi. Over the weekend, the vehicles (they used) and the place where they were hidden was found.”

The three, identified as 37-year-old John Freddy M.B., 35-year-old María C.B. and 42-year-old Jane B.C., were taken into police custody after being followed through C-4 surveillance cameras in Cancun.


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