The time that ‘El Mayo’ Zambada controlled drug trafficking in Cancun


‘The Man of the Hat’ took control of the port in the 90s, from where the cocaine shipments from Colombia arrived

Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada, in the mid-90s, took control of the port of Cancun, as well as other demarcations of Quintana Roo, which he used as a gateway for drugs from Colombia.

According to data from the book ‘The Traitor’, ‘The Man of the Hat’ had in his power the municipalities of Cancun, Cozumel, Chetumal, Playa del Carmen, before the drug trafficker Ramón Magaña, began to gain notoriety.

Allegedly, the vehicles that left loaded with tons of drugs, were guarded by elements of the PGR, assigned in Cancun, who guaranteed that they would reach a safe house.

“Cancun, Cozumel, Chetumal, Playa del Carmen, became the territory of ‘El Mayo’ and Amado, long before another drug trafficker known as ‘El Cibes’ Ramón Magaña, acquired fame, the drug was taken to safe houses in vehicles that guarded elements of the PGR, assigned in Cancun, who guaranteed that no authority would bother the units loaded with drugs,” Anabel Hernández reported in her book ‘The Traitor’.

Vicente Zambada Niebla, ‘Vicentillo’ and his uncle Jesus, alias ‘Rey’, were in charge of operating in that area, always under the command of the capo originally from El Alamo, who knew how to stay invisible to the authorities, as well as the media.

With the knowledge that everything was under control, ‘El Mayo’ sent his most beloved son to lead the operation.

“Thanks to ‘Vicentillo’ and ‘Rey’ it is known that the real master of the place was ‘El Mayo’, in partnership with Amado, for his luck, ‘El Mayo’ has always had the ability to attract the attention of the authorities and the media, while he, remained in invisibility, only in an entity with his absolute control, ‘El Mayo’ would have sent his most beloved son ‘Rey’ and Javi led the operation of speedboats with 400 horsepower engines, super powerful outboard, which gave him autonomy to do in less than 24 hours, the journey from Colombia to Quintana Roo,” reads the book ‘The Traitor’ by Anabel Hernández.

They transported cocaine in gas tanks to the north

Eduardo González Quirarte, alias ‘El Flaco’, had the idea of sending the cocaine shipments to the northern border, inside gas tanks, which were legal and if detained the authorities could confirm that they only brought that fuel.

“An old friend of ‘El Mayo’ and Amado, Eduardo González Quirarte, alias ‘El Flaco’ was in charge of the ingenious operation of the gas tanks, for ‘Vicentillo’ there was no confusion that if there was for others, for him, who treated for years to ‘Lalo’ as he called him, this worked for his father and for Amado, for the Sinaloa Cartel,” the journalist narrated.

Source: Infobae