The “Magical Mexico”: Inhabitants of Playa del Carmen have organized a whimsical event on Facebook to supposedly divert Hurricane Beryl from reaching Quintana Roo.


The event, created by a woman named Sharon Ceballos, invites Playa del Carmen residents to gather at Parque Fundadores on July 3rd at 6:00 PM. The description humorously suggests that attendees blow hard to alter the hurricane’s course.

While this is likely a playful gesture, it’s important to note that even a collective effort of blowing couldn’t actually redirect a hurricane. Nevertheless, the event has quickly gone viral. Currently, approximately 8,900 people have expressed interest, and around 2,000 have confirmed their attendance. Comments on the event page include:

– “Let’s synchronize our blowing for maximum effectiveness!”

– “Good thing it’s during my break—I can go.”

– “Please remember to brush your teeth before attending.”

– “Who’s bringing the snacks?”

Source: Infobae