Terror in a Super Akí in Cancun 


CANCÚN, QRoo, July 14, 2023.- An afternoon of terror was experienced by employees and customers who at that moment decided to shop at Super Aki. on Avenida 20 de Noviembre and Chac Mool, Region 215 of Cancún, when a subject threatened them with a knife in hand, in what was a robbery with violence. 

To the 911 emergency line, the incident was reported this Friday, July 14, for which police elements arrived, however there was no person arrested, it was reported that the assailant went to an unknown destination.  

After the uproar and all the drama that the subject made, store personnel told the authorities, who were scared, like the customers, explained that the man is a homeless man who lives right in front of the store, they do not know the reasons for the attack, but the attitude taken by the male seems strange to them, he had never been that way in the one years he has been living in the central median of 20 de Noviembre avenue. 

 Source: Quadratin