Real Estate Investment Decreases in the Riviera Maya


Various factors have led to a decrease in real estate investment in the Riviera Maya region. This year, the decline has been more noticeable in the municipality of Tulum, while Playa del Carmen maintains slightly more sustained productivity.

Wilberth Gutiérrez, president of the Mexican Real Estate Industry Association (AMII), stated that despite the downturn, there is still growth in Playa del Carmen. However, he acknowledges that investment has slowed down due to the electoral environment, not only in Mexico but globally.

On average, the real estate industry grew by 12% in Playa del Carmen during 2023. For this year, a growth rate not exceeding 7% is expected. Nevertheless, the construction pace remains stable, unlike other areas that experienced rapid growth in the previous two years.

Source: Cancun Mio