Real estate developers ignore the law in Tulum


The vast majority of real estate developments in Tulum are carried out illegally, as they only process the municipal license and not the land use change, which is mandatory at the national level, stated Gerardo Gómez Nieto, director of Sylvatica Consultants.

The representative of this environmental consulting firm, which has a recognized track record in Quintana Roo, stated that developers also do not bother to acquire the approval of the Environmental Impact Statement (MIA) at the federal or state level.

He indicated that drainage, solid waste management, and drinking water are the issues in Tulum.

“It’s complicated due to the explosive growth of the municipality,” Gómez Nieto considered.

The biologist explained that the situation stems from the fact that development is favored by the payment of a municipal license.

“This is creating a problem that so far we have not seen detonate, but the lack of basic services for a city is serious,” said Gerardo Gómez Nieto.

“I would like to see an integral solution to this problem, although that would imply a substantial investment to be able to resolve it,” he specified.

In his opinion, it is necessary to start thinking about problem-solving methodologies, in Quintana Roo in terms of solid waste.

He considered ideal the placement of a plasma plant, because it would remove the sanitary landfills.

“Because in every municipality where there is one there is a problem, either because of the ownership of the land, the ejidatarios, the pollution that is generated in that area, even when it is tried to be handled in the best way, there are always a series of deficiencies.”

Developers must enter into order Gómez Nieto pointed out that to achieve this, investment and the decision to do things right are required.

It is required, he said, to be able to propose a long-term solution, something that is already managed in other countries.

He emphasized that, in these cases, recycling and the sustainable final disposal of solid waste even becomes beneficial for the population, because it generates hot water and electricity, among other benefits.

Unfortunately, in Tulum, the Ecological Territorial Planning Plan was not completed, indicated Gerardo Gómez Nieto.

It is enough to mention that just during the pandemic, three thousand apartments were built, he said.

It is necessary to correct irregular development, a replica that is already seen in Mahahual and Bacalar, which becomes a social issue that has to be resolved by establishing solid mechanisms and there has to be an efficient application of the law, he concluded.

Source: 24 Horas Yucatan