Quintana Roo business chambers reject extra 10 USD tourist tax


They express their rejection of the charge of 10 dollars to foreign tourists who come to the state.

The pandemic meant heavy losses for tourism service providers, who through letters expressed their position to the government of Quintana Roo: the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac) requests not to restrict their capacity anymore, while the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the National Air Transport Chamber (Canaero) expressed their resounding rejection of the charge of 10 dollars to foreign tourists arriving in Quintana Roo.

“Much to our regret, the negative impact caused by the health crisis has been deepening every day. This is a call for help. We need your support to maintain our activity and, above all, save thousands of workers in our industry from unemployment who are currently living in distress due to the possibility that their sources of employment will be closed, seriously affecting their future and families”, says Canirac in a letter addressed to Governor Carlos Joaquín González.

In an official letter that is signed by the president of the state Canirac, Juan Carlos Hernández Cabrera; Marcy Bezaleel Pacheco and Beyra Carmina Aguirre Villegas, presidents in Cancún and Chetumal, respectively, maintain that the unity of the sectors is the best option to face the current situation.

“This situation is suffocating us and is becoming unsustainable,” they quote because in Quintana Roo the restaurant industry has had a reduction of between 60 to 80 percent.

They considered that a new closure or new restrictions would be catastrophic for the sector, since the situation is no longer the same as in March or April when the restaurant owners had to use their savings to meet their expenses and commitments.

“The particular negotiations that were made with suppliers or tenants have already come to an end and there is pressure to catch up, and there are places that do not even reach the allowed capacity ”, they highlight.

For this reason, the chambers appealed to the sensitivity of the governor to allow the industry to continue operating in the entity, as it faces the pandemic. Canirac prepared a “Safe Table” protocol that incorporates the guidelines established by authorities and the best national and international practices, which implied an investment that was not planned for the purchase of protective equipment, sanitation services, tests of detection of COVID-19, among others.

Against tourist tax

In a separate letter, Canaero, with more than 50 members of national and international airlines, cargo companies, air taxis, and service providers nationwide, and IATA expressed their concern about the additional tax that was approved by the State Congress to apply next April.

“The proposal comes at a critical time in which the imposition of new charges results in higher travel costs,” they quote.

Source: ajornadamaya.mx

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