Puerto Morelos warning issued by Mayor “use at your own risk”


Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The government of Laura Fernández Piña has placed signs with messages to alert citizens about the risk of going to the destination’s beaches at this time since these can be Covid-19 infection points.

The Mayor of Puerto Morelos said that the objective is for citizens to become aware that it is not time to go out and enjoy what is one of the main assets of Puerto Morelos, its beaches, but stressing that on the contrary, it is necessary to stay home.

“For this next week, we will continue orange in the state epidemiological light, which indicates that recreation places must remain closed to contain the pandemic due to the new coronavirus SARS CoV-2,” she said.

She said that although activities such as tourism and construction have restarted, people who do not belong to these sectors or do not have an urgent need, should not leave home.

“The responsibility to take care of ourselves belongs to everyone so as not to regress with the start of the economic recovery of Puerto Morelos,” sai

Over the weekend, the tarps were erected on beach accesses with the objective of inhibiting bathers, adding that vehicle filters were placed at the entrance of Bahía Petempich, Crococún, and José María Morelos Avenue, which are the main access points. There, police were inviting people to return home warning them that if they go to the beach, it will be at their own risk as indicated by the tarp warnings placed by the city council.

“We will insist on the call for citizens to work as a team so that together we can overcome the contingency and thereby shore up the economy of the destination and of the families which have been severely affected,” she said.

Source: riviera-maya-news.com

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