Police capture in CDMX a woman related to triple homicide in Cancun


The Prosecutor’s Office revealed details about the high-profile homicide of three people on Bonampak Avenue, which occurred in March four years ago.

A multi-homicide that occurred in Cancun on March 2, 2019, continues to give people something to talk about.

Information provided by the agency revealed that in collaboration with CDMX investigative agents, the arrest warrant against a woman was complied with for her possible participation in the crime of intentional homicide against three victims.

The woman, identified as Concepción N, is accused of being probably related to events that occurred on March 2, 2019, when the three victims and one other person were traveling aboard a van, but when they stopped on Bonampak Avenue almost at the corner with Nichupte, they were attacked with bullets by a subject who got out of a car that was following them.

This woman, who is a relative of one of the victims; she is the second person brought to Quintana Roo for the triple homicide.

In this case, the State Attorney General’s Office requested four arrest warrants from a control judge, completing the first on January 22 of this year against Apolinar “O”, for his probable participation in the event, as the intellectual author.

Hitmen “hunted” their victims when leaving the Cancun airport

On the day of the events, the bus driver said that they were returning from the Cancun airport, where they went to pick up the victims, whom he claimed are his cousins.

He recounted that when they were on Bonampak Avenue at the Nichupte traffic light, while they were waiting for the green light from a vehicle that was on the right, a man got out and started shooting at them.

The day after the events, this person was handed over to the authorities because he had an arrest warrant issued by a federal judge in the state of Colima, for the crime of possession of a firearm for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Source: Novedades