Omicron hits Cancun, for the first time in 26 days the airport operates below 500 flights


After a positive streak of 26 consecutive days operating over 500 flights, the Cancun International Airport handled 488 flights this Tuesday, which makes it clear that Ómicron has played against the mobility of people and therefore in the middle of the high season for destiny this low is given.

In the streak that began last December 16, ASUR operated in Cancun 5 times with more than 600 operations, the first of them on December 19, then on Christmas Day, December 25, then on January 1 and 2, being the last day 8.

The day that most operations were reported in this 26-day streak was December 19 with 648 operations and the only consecutive days, those of the beginning of the year with 637 and 609 operations, respectively. 

The situation that the world is experiencing due to the Ómicron strain of Coronavirus, has caused that in the middle of the high season Cancun has dropped occupancy to 70%, with similar figures being handled by most destinations in the state. Even some like Puerto Morelos a little lower with 59%.


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