Mexicans Cannot Travel to Europe Until Further Notice


If you were planning to travel to Europe or simply dream of doing so in the near future, we have bad news. The European Union released a list of “safe” countries, whose citizens can travel to the old continent. Mexico is not included

The selection was made based on three criteria, mainly: the number of reported cases of Covid-19, the government response to the pandemic and reciprocity (that is if there is a travel restriction for European citizens)

The European Union shared the list of countries, in which Mexico is not on, whose citizens can travel to the nations of the Old Continent.

These are the 14 “safe” countries on the list, according to the BBC. As you can see, there are only two nations in America
and Mexico and the United States are banned from Europe
South Korea
New Zealand

Therefore, the citizens of those nations will not be able to visit any of the countries that make up the European Union.

According to the BBC, three criteria were taken into account in selecting these nations: the number of confirmed cases of coronaviruses reported in them, the response of their governments to the pandemic and whether there is reciprocity between these countries and those that comprise the European Union – that is, if the European citizens of that group can travel to those territories.

It should be noted that residents of European Union nations can travel from one member country to another without any restrictions. This also applies to the United Kingdom, which will be treated as part of the union until December 31, 2020.

In addition to the countries of the European Union ( which you can check here) , the restriction applies to Iceland, Norway,
Liechtenstein and Switzerland.


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