Mayan Train and Tulum Airport will operate in 2023, says AMLO


The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, assured today that the Mayan Train project will operate in the entity and on the Peninsula in 2023, the year in which, he promised, the Tulum International Airport will also start operations.

In his customary morning conference, the head of the Federal Executive reiterated that the Mayan Train project will be a fact in that year and also said that the Tulum air terminal, an old project in the imaginary of Quintana Roo, will also be.

This airport has been part of the infrastructure plans of Quintana Roo, for more than 10 years, even since the management of Félix González Canto, which at the time generated great speculation of land.

About the Mayan Train, he added, referring to the Tulum-Cancun section, which will be 120 kilometers long and will be the shortest.

On the subject, he specified that said section will be on the right-of-way of the current highway between both points (in the middle of the highway) and said that they plan to end in both directions (outward and return) “in a year to latest ”(2022).

“If we start in March 2021, which is what I want, we will finish it in March 2022,” he projected.

He added that, of those two directions of the section, they decided to make one that they will call South Cancun, which goes from Tulum to Playa del Carmen. “And there is not so much problem there, there are not so many tourist facilities, hotels and others, so that section has already been tendered and will be in charge of the Grupo México company. “And we are making the recommendation (to Grupo México) that there are about 22 or 25 kilometers that correspond to it, that they apply,” he said.

Regarding the rest of that section, which would comprise about 100 kilometers and “which is the most difficult, because we do not want to cause inconvenience so as not to affect tourism and do it as well as possible, it will be built by the Army, the military engineers. “It is the section from Playa del Carmen to Cancun and it will have its terminal at the airport (in Cancun) and will have a branch to downtown Cancun, but we are analyzing this because we have to finish on time,” he explained.

López Obrador also added that they are still to resolve the acquisition of the trains since it is not something that can be achieved from one day to the next, but there will be different trains, since there will be for cargo, for passengers and tourists.

Asked by the press about where the workshop for that project will be, which has been indicated on multiple occasions that it would be in Chetumal, the President explained that this matter is yet to be resolved.

In such a way, it could, yes, be in the Quintana Roo capital, but it could also be established in Cancun, or in Escárcega, Campeche.


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