“Land Theft in Playa del Carmen” has Carlos de Regil fighting to keep property inherited from Juan Gabriel


Carlos de Regil demands justice after Dolores López’s lawyers closed the accesses, leaving them without water, without electricity and putting her family at risk

Yesterday afternoon, lawyers for the owner of the Generations hotelDolores López, tried to evict the tenants from the place where Juan Gabriel decided to build his home and that when he died he inherited his friend and right-hand man for more than three decades, Carlos de Regil, who has lived in the place since 2012 along with his family, who were affected when, without any official order, they closed the accesses, leaving them without water, without electricity and without the passage of their lawyers and staff of service.

El heredero del Divo pide ayuda a las autoridades. (Impresión de pantalla)

Juan Carlos Rodríguez Macedo, representative of Juan Ramón González Rocha, partners of Mr. de Regil, shared with Novedades Quintana Roo that this morning, elements of the State Police appeared to remove the seals, arguing that the closure had not been legal; however, at the moment they still cannot leave the place.  

The property where the Divo hotel is located, formerly the Xolumado ranch in Cancun, became the property of Alberto Aguilera Valadez, Carlos de Regil, and Briceida Landaverde through a a will signed by Dolores López Lira, who now assures that it is no longer valid, although two of the owners are still alive.

In an interview with a television program, Briceida Landaverde, also the owner of the property, assured that the conditions in which they are, put the health of her two daughters at risk.

“ We are living very difficult times, there are four minors here, two of them my daughters, we don’t have water, we don’t have electricity, they don’t let our lawyers or Human Rights personnel in, people from the Attorney General’s Office tried to evict us, they didn’t succeed. because it was outside the law, if we go out they won’t let us in. We are in the jungle, there are many animals, one of my daughters has asthma and I do not have light to mist it if she had an attack, we ask the authorities to be attentive because it seems that there is a certain type of influence, “he said, also confirmed that the usufruct It was given to them for life with the guarantee that it would invest and it has been, So far there have been more than 90 million verifiable pesos that have been used for the construction of the cabins that are within the two hectares of land that are demanded from them.

Carlos de Regil, for his part, requests support from the authorities, since he assures that it was an unfounded and treacherous act.

“Before we could see what was happening, they put closure stamps on the entrances …, as upon the arrival of the Municipal Police they could not get us out, they stated that they could not carry out an act as arbitrary as the Prosecutor’s Office intended and today we are kidnapped and immobilized in our property. Mrs. Dolores blocked the access easement to our road from Tulum to Cancun, so we cannot leave.

They do not allow anyone to enter us, because they have a guardhouse with surveillance. They are violating the guarantees of articles 14 and 16 of the Constitution and that of free transit. Some elements of the police told us that we should defend ourselves because the order to evict us came from high up. That they did not bring any written order, ”explained Carlos de Regil, who hopes justice will be served since it is not the first time that Mrs. Dolores has acted maliciously. 

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