Immigration Crisis in Mexico. What it means for Expats and foreigners living in and visiting Mexico


By Retired Life in Mexico NO BULL

I did a previous video about immigration crackdowns and explained why these crackdowns were taking place and what it means for expats and visitors. That was only the start of what has become a full-out immigration crisis here in Mexico. I am going to elaborate on this crisis and discuss what this means for foreigners here in Mexico. The immigration rules have changed and immigration isn’t budging!

What is going on? Why has immigration become so strict? Why are Americans and Canadians being deported on a daily basis? Why are people only being given 7 days when they run to the border for another 180 day FMM or even worse denied entry? Why won’t immigration accept copies of my residency card, passport, or FMM anymore?

I hope to answer this question in this video but bottom line, Mexico is experiencing a major immigration crisis that is getting worse by the minute. Unfortunately, Expats and tourists are getting caught up in Mexico’s efforts to get the situation under control.

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