Hoteliers demand that Fonatur repair the road in Playa del Carmen


In October 2022, the federal agency resumed the repair works, after more than four months stopped.

The hoteliers of the Riviera Maya demand greater speed in the repair works of the Federal Highway 307, damaged with sinkholes and failed works of the Mayan Train at the entrance to Playa del Carmen, which should have been ready since October of last year, before the past high season.

Manuel Paredes Mendoza, director of the Riviera Maya Hotel Association, said that currently there is no progress in the work, which is responsible for the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (Fonatur).

“We have been insisting as a hotel sector so that the work that is being done can be expedited, fortunately they have already begun by Fonatur (…) we have two sinkholes that have not been finished fixing, the signage that unfortunately no longer exists Neither did lighting,” said Paredes Mendoza.

It should be remembered that in October 2022, the federal agency resumed the repair works, after more than four months stopped and after pressure from the municipal government in conjunction with the business sector, under the slogan of concluding them no later than May 2023 but no progress is seen.

Even this period, which was announced at the time by Lili Campos Miranda, municipal president of Solidaridad, who has said that he exerts constant pressure on Fonatur, will coincide with the Easter holiday season, a holiday period that is shaping up to have the problem of adequate access roads to the Riviera Maya.

She asked the local authorities to intervene in the situation to improve the infrastructure of the municipality and facilitate the road for around 90,000 tourists who travel through the Riviera Maya, as well as the thousands of locals who use the road to their workplaces.

“There is a lot to do and above all work and insist with the authorities,” she pointed out.

Road problems started in June 2020

The problems on Federal Highway 307 began in June 2020 with the appearance of a sinkhole at kilometer 265, by Xpu-Ha, south of Playa del Carmen; In December 2021, the tunnel at kilometer 307 was opened again, in the north of the town.

To these were added the change of the route of the Mayan Train section 5, which initially was going to run through the central part of said road, but the federal government changed its plans and left the works abandoned and the road affected in its infrastructure.