Hitmen pose as Rappi, Uber Eats, and Didi drivers to kill in Cancun


Criminals have adopted a new method to commit crimes, now they disguise themselves as digital platforms delivery boys, to murder their victims and escape without any inconvenience, “camouflaging themselves” with backpacks and the increase in motorized food distributors that operate practically 24 hours a day throughout Cancun.

We are talking about digital platforms such as Rappi, Uber Eats, Didi, among others.

In Cancun, this “modus operandi” has begun to be used in the last three months there have been five assassinations in which hitmen disguised as food delivery boys have been involved, in three they have managed to kill their victims, in one the local authorities managed to apprehend the alleged murderers and in another, a criminal disguised as a delivery man was executed.

Sicarios de Cancún adoptan nuevo «Modus operandi»: se disfrazan de repartidores de comida

Hitman disguised as “Rappi” murders a notary public

On the morning of Friday, August 6 of this year, the execution of the head of the Cancun Notary 36,  Nahúm “N” , was reported by two subjects who have boarded a motorcycle when he was traveling aboard a vehicle on Supermanzana 41, on the corner of Chichen Itza and Tikal Avenues.

According to witnesses, the criminals were disguised as ” Rappi ” deliverymen.

Days later, the State Attorney General’s Office reported that Francisco ‘N’ and David ‘N’ were linked to the process as allegedly responsible for the execution of the notary public, on Chichén Itzá Avenue and a period of six months was established for the closing of complementary research.

Alleged “Uber Eats” deliveryman kills vendor at retail store

This month alone there have been two armed attacks by hitmen disguised as delivery boys, the first occurred on October 3, when armed men, one of them with an Uber Eats backpack, arrived at Six Nacho, located in Donceles 28, and David ‘N’, an employee of the beer dispenser, who tried to take refuge in the winery, was shot eight times by the hitmen.

Another ‘fake deliveryman’ murders a man on Cancun’s Avenida La Luna

On Tuesday, October 26th, José Miguel ‘N’, 33, the driver of a Ford Explorer, was shot to death at the intersection of Avenida La Luna and Politécnico, in Supermanzana 505. As in previous cases, one of the murderers was carrying a Rappi platform backpack.

Although José Miguel noticed that two men on a motorcycle were following him, he tried to speed up to lose them; however, when he arrived on Avenida Politécnico he got stuck in traffic, a situation that the hitmen took advantage of to execute him.

Source: sipse.com, macronews.mx

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