Guerrero chef wins “Michelin Star” and it is the first time that a Mexican has obtained it.


Born in #Huitzuco , Guerrero, he learned from the age of 8 all the secrets of cooking and gastronomy when he planted and grew plants with his mother, who sold food to support the family. Although he liked to play soccer and always wanted to wear the Pumas shirt, his father taught him how to hunt and at 14 he already knew how to prepare the goat for barbecue.

At the age of 20 he traveled to Tijuana to cross the border to Chicago, because his dream was to work in a hamburger chain: for lack of money he had never been able to buy one. He wanted to become the best chef in the world, so he started from the bottom; His first job was as a dishwasher at the Sheraton Milwaukee North Shore, where he learned how to operate a kitchen.

Carlos Gaytán, the first Mexican chef with a Michelin star, was the most decorated medal that a chef in the world could obtain.

The chef had a complicated past a few years ago. Now he tells us his spectacular story until he reached success.

Carlos does not settle recently announced that he would open three more restaurants

The first one is called Tzuco and is inspired by the Mexican food of his native Guerrero, whose headquarters will be in the city that has brought him luck: Chicago. The name is a tribute to Huitzuco (“place of thorns”, in Nahuatl), the town where he lived until the age of 20 before leaving for the United States. Gaytan does not forget its roots, for this reason, its star dish is duck with tamarind, an ingredient that honors its origin.

Doña Teté, mother of the chef, is part of the kitchen team made up of Mexican chefs. On the menu stand out the ax callus ceviche with tiger’s milk and worm’s salt, the puff pastry stuffed with cochinita with onion ash and the tetela stuffed with chicken tinga with tinga juice, cream and Huitzuco cheese. The cocktail menu is signed by mixologist Mica Rosseau, who worked at Fifty Mills.

The second restaurant is Tales of Carlos Gaytán, which will open in late autumn and consists of a private tasting room with 16 seats that will reflect the passion of the Mexican chef for French gastronomy.

And finally, we are introduced to Panango, whose opening date is scheduled for before the end of the year, also based in Chicago. Its name refers to Mexican artisan sweet bread and has a casual gastronomic concept, to go, whose menu consists of sandwiches, salads, soups and healthy bowls.

Carlos Gaytan frequently visits Huitzuco Guerrero, a man loved by the people since he has supported different social causes.


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