Face masks in Quintana Roo will no longer be mandatory


Quintana Roo was the entity with the greatest reduction in mobility in the entire country, which allowed fewer people to get sick and many lives were saved

After the decrease in Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths from the pandemic and spending several weeks at a green light, Governor Carlos Joaquín González announced this Sunday in a message through state television that the use of face masks in open spaces or outdoors will no longer be mandatory.

After recounting the pandemic for two years, the Quintana Roo governor expressed that it is time to value the efforts made and recognize what has been achieved together, as a society and a government.

He thanked each Quintana Roo who decided to join the initiatives, programs and work that allowed them to come to fruition.

“I know that you share with me the satisfaction of having reached this green traffic light stage after overcoming many adversities. We find ourselves before a new scenario, which for a long time seemed distant” she thanked.

To save lives, he recalled, the hospital infrastructure was increased by 600%; we went from 300 to almost 1,000 beds for Covid patients; 716 health professionals were hired; 26,000 people from the first line of care, such as doctors, police officers, and public service and supply personnel, were trained and provided with protective equipment.

Quintana Roo was the entity with the greatest reduction in mobility in the entire country, which allowed fewer people to get sick and many lives were saved.

To support families due to unemployment and quarantine, more than a million groceries were delivered to the people of Quintana Roo, support was given to pay for electricity, gas and avoid water cuts, health services were brought closer to homes and Medicines were delivered to more than 75,000 people in vulnerable situations.

When the “Economic Reactivation” was launched and living with the covid-19 virus, he said, the use of face masks and habits such as keeping distance, hand washing, sanitizing public transport, were created, sanitary bubbles were created where they were filtered people and rapid tests were applied, the hours and capacity of services in tourist establishments were taken care of and in coordination with the federal government we have achieved the highest levels of vaccination at the national level.

Today hospital occupancy levels are below 2%, there are no intubated patients and the case fatality rate is well below the national average, with zero deaths for several days.

He added that the economic recovery has been consolidated, once again the entity is a leader in job creation in the country. Quintana Roo is also the state with the greatest reduction in working poverty levels, having decreased 20 percentage points in one year.

About the use of face masks

Its use will not be necessary when performing physical activities such as exercising or walking. Despite this, its use will be mandatory on public transport, in closed spaces, and in places where there are many people, such as markets, cinemas or fairs.

In addition, medical personnel, along with service personnel, such as restaurants, must continue to use the face mask while they are performing their duties.

Gonzáles added that the hours in establishments will be extended, without specifying which ones, in order to provide a better service to visitors. With this, Joaquín González points out that the situation of Covid-19 will continue to be monitored, and if necessary, the health protocol would be modified again.

The first case in the entity occurred two days after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, 2020, which marked the beginning of the worst tourist debacle in this tourist multi-destination.

Source: excelsior.com.mx, lajornadamaya.mx

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