Do you send money from the US to Mexico? Western Union is not an option, says Profeco


The company is the one that gives the least amount of money, unlike Banorte, which ranks as the best in sending remittances

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office announced on Monday, January 13, who is who in remittances.

In the report presented by Attorney Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, two companies stand out: Banorte and Wester Union, one for being the best for shipping and another for giving the least amount of money.

During 2019, 5 million families received 35.5 billion dollars from civilians.

For the analysis, said the head of Profeco, the Pacific zone, the Coast and the Central United States area were covered.

In the Pacific area, which covers Los Angeles, Banorte was the best positioned to deliver 5,625 pesos for $ 300.

Western Union was the worst positioned to deliver 5,339.71 for every $ 300.

On the east coast that covers New York and Miami, this was the same, being the best Banorte and the worst Western Union.

And the same area Downtown: Banorte, the best with 5 thousand 625 pesos, and the worst Western Union with 5 thousand 329 for every 300 dollars.

This summary is presented every month so that the citizens can access a better service, a greater amount of money sent to their families and therefore, a better amount of remittances to Mexico.

Source: profeco

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