Dismember and abandon body of a woman in Tulum beach


A woman, whose identity is unknown, was murdered in Tulum. Her dismembered body was abandoned at Playa Punta Piedra, where it was located by bathers.

Her head was inside a cooler and under it, a canvas with messages alluding to organized crime. The authorities, with the slogan of not leaking information, handle the homicide with total secrecy.

So far this year, 55 people have lost their lives in the ninth municipality at the hands of members of organized crime, exceeding the number of drug-related homicides in 2022, when 51 were counted.

With this new case, which unofficially and due to the viciousness with which the victim was killed, is being investigated as revenge between antagonistic criminal groups.

The unwritten rule of “no women, no children” was broken once again with this crime, whose victim is a young woman, who presumably was deprived of her liberty, tortured, and dismembered after being murdered.

In total, 30 women are part of the 298 executions carried out in the year in the Entity.

The body was discovered around 5:20 a.m. and reported to the ministerial authorities.

The area was cordoned off so that workers from the Expert Services could carry out the proceedings.

It is presumed that the victim was related to a criminal cartel, whose murderers belong to an antagonistic group and this act would have been in revenge.

The body was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service, where until the date of this post it remained unknown.

Source: Por Esto