Detects the AGEPRO 4 false property titles in Tulum and Puerto Morelos


CHETUMAL, MX.- At least four false title deeds of high-value land have been detected in Tulum and Puerto Morelos, revealed the head of the state’s Strategic Projects Agency (AGEPRO), José Alonso Ovando.

In an interview, the person in charge of AGEPRO indicated that the fraudsters, by forging the signatures of former governors and former government secretaries, managed to “appear to be legal” in possession of the property.

He specified that of these false titles, three were detected in Tulum and one in Puerto Morelos, where the mechanism was similar. In this sense, he commented that in the case of Tulum, the lawsuits have already been won.

“It is a very long process, but we are defending with all the assets of Quintana Roo,” he commented.

He explained that after forging the signatures, the fraudsters went to the Public Registry of Property to request the cadastral certificates.

The official commented that this situation is observed throughout the state, mainly where the land has a higher value, where property titles have been falsified to the state.

He clarified that the people who bought those properties were somehow aware of the legal status of the land, since “they knew what they were buying,” he said.

He affirmed that for these cases, arrests have already been made by the State Attorney General’s Office. (SIM Agency)

Source: Noticaribe