Crooked road in Playa del Carmen: Does it exist or is it an edition?


The image has gone viral on social networks, and users wonder if it was a planning error or a maneuver by an internet prankster.

Presumably located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, it has attracted attention on social networks, and not because it has potholes or poor paving – something normal on many roads in Mexico – but because of its construction.

This has caused users to baptize it as “the crooked road”, and although there are skeptics who thought that it was all a setup, the truth is that the road exists, and yes, it can be a source of confusion for motorists.

However, there are details to mention, first, the road has a name and is officially located as Sian Ka’aan Avenue.

Secondly, it must be clarified that the highway is located in the municipality of Solidaridad and heads towards Playa del Carmen.

The photo that went viral was taken from CTM Avenue, however, the highway passes through Luis Donaldo Colosio Avenue until it reaches 28 de Julio Avenue.

The strange thing is that it continues on Solidaridad Avenue with an unusual curve, which can even be dangerous if you do not have full knowledge of how to navigate through it.

The ‘crooked road’ was planned like this

As surprising as it may seem, Sian Ka’aan Avenue and its irregular passage was part of a strategy developed 10 years ago, and which is even stipulated in the Urban Development Plan for the Population Center of Playa del Carmen.

On April 4, 2023, the Solidaridad municipal government page, whose mayor is Lili Campos, published that Diagonal 65 avenue, located between Colosio and CTM, would be handed over after more than a decade of being abandoned in its construction.

Source: ABC Noticias