Cozumel Ferry abandons passengers to their fate


Due to the overbooking of tickets on Winjet, they were forced to descend and were no longer able to cross to Playa del Carmen, thus losing hotel and flight reservations.

COZUMEL, Q. Roo.- A total of 150 passengers who boarded a ship of the Winjet company to reach Playa del Carmen, were forced to descend and were left abandoned in Cozumel to their fate. 

Those affected lost hotel reservations, car rentals, flights, and bus trips because this shipping company left tourists unable to travel due to ticket sales. 

The port authorities, in this case, the Secretary of the Navy and the Harbor Master’s Office, continue to allow the abuse of Winjet and Overseas. The municipal government regretted these events that affect the image of Cozumel, at a time when the arrival of tourism in Playa del Carmen is paramount and stated that it has expressed its discontent to the representatives of both companies. 

Winjet Fast Ferry | Cozumel – Playa del Carmen

He clarified that the municipal government has no competence in ports and seas since it corresponds to the general coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine.

The representatives of the Harbor Master’s Office, an instance that belongs to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), have refused to give interviews to find out how many investigations they have initiated against the two shipping companies for not respecting the established schedules and abuses of the passengers. 

Once again tourists representing economic spills for the island of the swallows from Playa del Carmen are swindled by Winjet and Ultramar, shipping companies that provide transportation service on the 18-kilometer federal maritime route. 

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Passengers who boarded the Winjet company ship at 7 p.m. Tuesday to return to the mainland after spending the day on the island, were forced by crew members to descend on the grounds that the ship had exceeded its capacity

According to witnesses on the day of the events at the San Miguel pier facilities, the only response they had from the Winjet staff was the refund of their ticket. 

Those affected sought accommodation by their own means to spend the night on the island, which meant an extra cost and not included in their trip. 


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