Coronavirus arrives in Sinaloa for a total of 3 confirmed in Mexico


The Director-General of  Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, confirmed the third case of  Covid-19  in the country.

Through an informative conference, the official detailed after he was announced during the morning with President  Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that there were two cases of coronavirus, one in Mexico City and another in Culiacan Sinaloa, another infected to the list

He added that all cases in the country are imported and that it has been through a secondary transmission or family outbreaks.

So far, there are 37 suspicious cases and three that are isolated and under analysis to rule out that it is some other disease.

The coronavirus arrives on a plane and mobilizes Culiacán 

From the early hours of Friday citizens take their precautions using mouth covers

On Friday, Culiacán woke up with the news that shook the public: the virus that brings the world into check, the Coronavirus, materialized in the body of an engineer from Hidalgo who arrived in the capital on a work trip, days after walking through Bergamo, Italy.

nd the news moved hundreds, perhaps thousands of culichis to turn to pharmacies and commercial stores in search of mouth covers and disinfectants: an apparent need for psychosis flooded the networks, the streets of the Center where passers-by passed with their mouthcovers.

But in the end, according to the Ministry of Health of Sinaloa, there was no need to fear, since the “zero patient” remained isolated in a room at the Lucerne hotel in Tres Ríos. “You don’t have to panic,” said Efrén Encinas, secretary of Health.

However, many pharmacies reported exhausted gels and caps. One lady said that the event reminded her of the time that in Mexico she was invaded by the H1N1 flu fever.

It all started on February 15, when the 41-year-old engineer from Hidalgo, in the company of two more people, went to Italy. According to the chronology, he returned to Mexico on the 22nd, where he said goodbye to the third companion to follow a connecting flight Mexico City-Guadalajara-Culiacán.

On Thursday 27, along with his wife and a friend, he arrived at the Culiacán International Airport on an Interjet flight. Although no further details were given, information from Health sources indicates that it was he who notified the symptoms, after he stayed at the Lucerne.

During the morning hours, a team arrived from the Ministry of Health that took the first laboratory samples, which were positive. It was during the morning of AMLO when the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López Batell, that in addition to the case of Mexico City, in Culiacán there was another.

Upon confirmation, the order of the governor and the Secretary of Health, Efrén Encinas, was to initiate an epidemiological siege, which meant that the engineer remained locked in a room while his companion remained in another room for security.


In social networks, the Coronavirus has not stopped being in comments from people. While in China the disease adds more than 2,700 deaths, in Italy, there are 17 deaths, and more than 700 infected. In Spain, the number of confirmed cases reaches one thousand, but there is no reliable number of deaths.

In Latin America, the first country to report a confirmed case was Brazil. In Mexico, after suspicious cases have been reported, it was until Friday when health authorities confirmed that of Mexico City and Culiacán.

Very early, Health Secretary Efrén Encinas called a conference. There he said that the patient was isolated and reiterated the call to tranquility, not to panic was important. He commented that additionally the passengers of the flight where the Hidalguense arrived were sought. And announced:

“Today in the afternoon the results of the second exam applied to the patient will be taken, therefore he will remain at the hotel to avoid transferring the virus,” he said and said that if there was a complication, the person would be transferred to a unit medical of the health sector, under a rigorous protection system.

And he announced what he had said in days ago: “Sinaloa is prepared to face the coronavirus.”

One of the criticisms received by the Ministry of Health is to keep the patient zero in Lucerne, which in the morning she looked calm. El Sol de Sinaloa found that some employees carried mouth covers and that there was total access in the parking area and in the restaurant everything was perceived as normal

There were also no extraordinary recommendations for hotel staff, but still some customers chose to change their reservation. While this was happening, in the streets of the capital people of all ages were observed with their mouth covers as protection.

To clarify the criticisms, Health indicated that the protocol that should be followed in these cases is to isolate the patient, so it is recommended not to be transferred from the place to avoid spreading the virus, which is spread by contact with a sick person, and Not by air.

It was even possible to confirm that Culiacán Airport did not have filters either and travelers were not asked anything related to symptoms. And it is that according to Encinas, the engineer from Hidalgo did not present the most serious symptoms, such as pneumonia, so it could be said that it was an isolated case and that it could be kept under control.

Until Friday night, he wrote on his official Twitter:

“Prudence is important. We will be informing each data through institutional channels. In Salud Sinaloa, we are working so that the sinaloenses do not take risks. ”

He also left the emergency number 800 0044 400 where citizens can obtain private information


The influenza vaccine serves to prevent respiratory diseases caused by various types of influenza viruses, but does not prevent respiratory infections caused by other viruses such as COVID-19.

The new coronavirus is only confirmed through a laboratory test called PCR, which is performed only by the corresponding health authorities.

The symptoms are similar to influenza, so you have to do the proper tests. It is spread by contact with a carrier and not by air. That is why the recommendation is to move away from a suspicious case.

The one in Sinaloa is one that came from outside and it is suspected that he was contracted in Italy, so that isolation would be maintained, it would be an isolated case.


Hygiene is the main one, use disinfectants, do not shake hands, wash your hands and avoid people who have any symptoms.


Shortly before 7:00 pm, Efrén Encinas indicated that the same confirmed case was being followed and that the INDRE test in the federal did not yet show results.

Source: pmxportal, el sol de sinaloa

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