Chinese citizens in Ciudad Juarez quarantine


A total of 45 Chinese citizens would be isolated inside a business consortium in this municipality, where they are tested to rule out coronavirus, according to information leaked to the media by the president of the Medical Tourism Cluster and vice president of Health of the Canaco of this border, Lorenzo Soberanes.

45 Chinese are isolated in Juarez;  they will perform clinical studies

So far, the Ministry of Health has not been informed about this case, but no case of coronavirus has been detected in Chihuahua, since all the international protocols established by the WHO are followed, said the head of the Communication office and Press of the Health Sector of this entity, Dalia Pineda.

He explained that “in the case of this maquiladora company, they are taking a review protocol because their operating plant is in Wuhan, China, so all the people who have traveled in the virus incubation period are monitored.

However, he said that “to date, they report only one person in isolation, who has not presented symptoms.

This company has a hotel in its facilities, which is modified with a ventilation system completely separated from the company where employees work and has a capacity for 13 people.

However, according to the information revealed by a newspaper in Ciudad Juárez, “45 Chinese businessmen were isolated in Ciudad Juarez to rule out coronavirus 2019nCoV and are located within the Foxconn company, in facilities that are used as dormitories.”

The source said that although there are no confirmed cases of the condition, “the Taiwanese maquiladora adopted isolation strategies in a building with capacity for 50 people of its plant, adjacent to the Jerónimo-Santa Teresa crossing, to avoid that at some point there is an outbreak in your installations”.

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