Canirac reports the closure of 385 restaurants across Cancun


Cancun, Q.R. — The president of the National Chamber of the Restaurants (Canirac) of Cancun says 385 eateries across the city have shut during the past few months due to the ongoing pandemic. Marcy Bezaleel Pacheco, president of Canirac Cancún revealed the figure that he reports is due to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19.

Bezaleel Pacheco added that with the closure of the restaurants is the loss of more than 800 jobs. Of the 385 closures, 375 have been around the city while 10 were from inside the Cancun Hotel Zone. He also noted that there are two major chain restaurants that have been waiting to open since November 2019, but now, it is not known if they will, which would represent an investment loss of approximately $2 million USD.

He pointed out that the restaurant sector, along with the hotel sector, have been the most affected by the Covid-19 crisis, as there are still 380 businesses waiting for the epidemiological light to turn yellow to reopen since they do not have the infrastructure to maintain the current (orange light) maximum 30 percent operation capacity.

Other restaurants around the state including Puerto Morelos, Chetumal Mahahual, and Playa del Carmen, have also suffered the same fate, being unable to operate due to the 30 percent maximum capacity that Quintana Roo has remained in for months.


The Cancun Post