Cancun will be surpassed by Puerto Vallarta in hotel occupancy


The second long weekend of 2024, which runs from March 15 to 18, will generate an economic spill by consumption of tourist services of approximately 48,381 million pesos, estimated the federal Ministry of Tourism (Sectur).

The occupancy percentage that will be reached in some destinations of the country for the second long weekend of the year will be for beach destinations: Puerto Vallarta, with 84.5%; Cancun, with 83.4%; Los Cabos, with 83%; Tulum, with 81.8%; Mazatlan, with 79.6%. (Cancun: fear of a drop in tourists from the USA due to the elections).

In city destinations, the estimated occupancy is: Queretaro, with 69%; Puebla, with 66%; Mexico City, with 64.1%; Aguascalientes, with 63.1%; Villahermosa, with 57.6%; San Miguel de Allende, with 51.7%; and San Cristobal de las Casas, with 50.6%.

The agency foresees that only the spill for lodging concept will be 4,667 million pesos and estimates the arrival of one million 647 thousand tourists to hotel, which represents a recovery of 4.1% compared to the same ‘bridge’ of 2023. Of these, it is expected that one million 296 thousand will be national tourists, this is 77.5%; while 351 thousand will be foreigners, representing 22.5% of the total.

He pointed out that, for this period on the occasion of the birth of Benito Juarez, one million 994 thousand more national tourists will stay in another form of lodging, such as in the house of relatives and friends, as well as in second residences; so that the total of national tourists is calculated to be three million 291 thousand tourists. Likewise, it is expected that they will stay in collaborative economy accommodation offered on digital platforms, another 281 thousand tourists, both national and foreign.

The hotel occupancy at the national level will be 66.1%, this represents 0.3 percentage points more, compared to the same long weekend of 2023, which registered 65.8% of general occupancy.

Source: Reportur