Cancun, the second city with the highest rates of corruption in the country

Study reveals that 88.1 percent of the population perceives the city as unsafe

At the national level, Cancun ranks second among cities with the highest rates of corruption when having contact with an authority, between last July and December, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

In Ecatepec this proportion was 83.3 percent, it is the place in the country with the highest rates of corruption, followed by Cancun with 83.1 and Cuajimalpa with 70.2 percent.

Also, 88.1 percent of the population surveyed in Cancun on the Social Perception of Public Insecurity by City of Interest, corresponding to December 2020, perceives their city as insecure.

Practically half of the population that had contact with an authority was a victim of corruption in that period, informed the Inegi, since, at the national level, 47.9 percent of those who were in contact with an authority reported an extortion attempt by this, according to the National Urban Safety Survey (ENSU).

The first three cities are followed by Acapulco, Los Mochis, Tijuana, Durango, Tláhuac, Álvaro Obregón, Venustiano Carranza, Magdalena Contreras and Chimalhuacán, where seven out of 10 (70 percent) people who met a police officer or any other worker public were extorted.

Inegi also reported that for the second half of 2020 it is estimated that 28.1 percent of urban households had a family member who was the victim of a crime.

In 10.9 percent of the households, extortion was registered; in 10.5 percent, a family member was the victim of a robbery on the street or in public transport, and in nine percent it referred to partial theft of a vehicle.

The agency also reported that women are the main victims of personal harassment and sexual violence, although the frequency of these behaviors and crimes has decreased 7.2 percentage points compared to the comparable period of 2019.

According to their estimates, during the second semester of 2020, 14.3 percent of the population was the victim of personal harassment and/or sexual violence. In the case of women, this percentage was 21.6 percent, while in men it was 5.7 percent.

In other words, practically one in five women was sexually harassed or assaulted.

Overall, 68.1 percent of the adult population in urban areas of the country feel unsafe on the streets.

The perception of insecurity is higher in the case of women with 72.6 percent, while in men it was 62.7 percent.


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