Cancun International Airport records the busiest weekend since pandemic began


Cancun, Q.R. — Passenger flights into Cancun continue to increase with the airport releasing new weekend figures of 639 flights. Airport managing company Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ASUR) reported a daily average of 200 operations this weekend, closing with more than 630 scheduled flights.

ASUR says on Friday, the airport recorded 199 operations, however, on Saturday, the Cancun International Airport reached its highest number of operations since the coronavirus pandemic began, accounting for 222 flights. On Sunday, they announced 218 flights, 106 of which were arrivals and of those, 62 were national and 44 international.

Cancun International Airport records busiest weekend since pandemic began

Regarding departures, the report establishes that 112 flights were departures, of which 64 were national and 48 international.

The concessionaire of the terminal also mentioned that international flights included those from Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bogotá, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Salt Lake City and San Francisco.

Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún reporta 600 operaciones este ...

In addition, they announced that the international airlines with scheduled flights were from American, Avianca, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country and United.

Cozumel welcomes 150 passengers from Houston

Cozumel, Quintana Roo, August 9, 2020.- With the return to Cozumel of the United flight from the city of Houston, the air connectivity is gradually strengthened in this stage of reactivation of economic and tourist activities in the destination, which in turn translates into a direct benefit for the families of Cozumel, highlighted the Municipal President, Pedro Joaquín Delbouis, after the arrival again of this route to the island with more than 150 people, including passengers and crew.

“I greatly appreciate the trust that United airline places in the destination by reincorporating its direct flight from the city of Houston, which has been connected to the island for more than 40 years and which had to suspend operations due to the Covid pandemic- 19 but now in this stage of economic and tourist reactivation, it will allow us to increase the tourist flow, which in these times means a bonanza for families ”, highlighted Pedro Joaquín Delbouis.

In the same way, the Municipal President assured that this route is one of the great tourist icons on the island that historically has brought a lot of tourism. For this reason, he emphasized the importance of citizens not letting their guard down in the face of the pandemic and respecting health protocols, which are necessary to continue advancing in the tourist reactivation of the destination.

In addition to this, he stressed that the arrival of other flights continues, such as that of American Airlines, from the city of Charlotte, another from Dallas, which also has a connection with Sun Country; and an Interjet route from Mexico City to the destination.

“Little by little we are going in this economic and tourist reactivation with about 25 percent in hotel occupancy, as well as increasing the flow in the maritime terminals; Two months ago, we started with less than a thousand passengers, today we are close to 1,500 ”, said Pedro Joaquín Delbouis.

In this sense, the Municipal President highlighted the work carried out by the administration of the international airport, who is in charge of verifying compliance with the health security protocols and in accordance with the Strategic Plan for Economic and Tourist Reactivation of Cozumel, in order to guarantee that any visitor who arrives or leaves the island by air, is free of Covid-19.

Likewise, he thanked the efforts carried out in coordination with the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council (CPTQ) and the State Secretariat of Tourism (Sedetur), to promote the destination nationally and internationally, and provide the certification in sanitary matters to the different providers of tourist services, which provides security for tourists who come to the island.

It should be noted that on behalf of the Municipal President, Pedro Joaquín Delbouis, the Director of Tourism and Economic Development, Pedro Hermosillo López, together with the representative of the CPTQ in Cozumel, Pablo Aguilar Torres, received the United flight that arrived on the island with more than 150 passengers.

“Last July, according to data provided by the Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (Asur), the Cozumel International Airport registered the arrival of more than 10,000 passengers to the island, an indication that tourist activity in the destination is recovering little by little, “said Pedro Hermosillo.


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