Canadian has been stranded in Cancun airport for more than 15 days


The airport of Cancun, Quintana Roo became the home of a Canadian who has been stranded in that tourist destination for more than 10 days, and they are investigating her case.

Her name is Lisa Lee Wink, she is a Canadian woman who has been stranded at the Cancun airport, Quintana Roo for more than 15 days, although at the moment the causes of why she has not been able to return to her country of origin are unknown, according to the workers of terminal 3 of the airport, the woman only walks, sits, leaves and enters the terminal, as Jaime Zetina, porter of the air terminal tells it:

“She disappears, comes and goes in the terminals, many of our colleagues bring her a sandwich, some bring her a little water, you can’t talk much with her because she tends to yell.”

She covers her own expenses at the airport.

Other employees also mention that she leads a normal life because she also buys her own coffee and breakfast, as Aldo Emerth, also a porter, commented.

“We’ve seen her here for a few days now, she has all the appearance of being a visitor and passenger, we’ve noticed for a few days that we see her here every day and we see that she spends her time, buys her coffee, eats her breakfast inside the terminal. “

The Canadian embassy reported that they are aware of the situation but has not wanted to give more details about the case, while the reason why she has not been able to leave Mexican territory, even though she has papers in order, remains unknown.

Source: Tv Azteca