Canada detects seven flights from Cancun with cases of Covid-19


People who traveled on seven flights from Cancun to Canada were alerted by the government of that country, due to the fact that cases of Covid-19 were confirmed among its passengers; They are asked to quarantine themselves to prevent the spread of the virus.

Through their website, the Canadian authorities offer information on the “places where you may have been exposed to Covid-19”, in which they detail information on the different routes by which you can enter the country: plane, cruise ship, train .

Coronavirus News - UPDATES for the Riviera Maya & Cancun

“If you have recently returned to Canada, you must be quarantined for 14 days from the date you arrived in Canada. This is mandatory, whether or not I have symptoms ”, report the Canadian authorities.

It is reported that four flights that entered Canada on November 28, two that did so on November 19 and one that arrived on the 30th, transferred people who turned out to be carriers of the Sars-Cov-2 virus.

The airlines involved are Sunwing, Westjet and Air Canada; the first operated four of the flights with infected persons, the second two and the third one. The airports where they landed were Montreal, Toronto and Calgary.

“The best way to protect yourself, your family and those most at risk of serious illness from COVID-19 in our communities is to choose to stay in Canada,” he reports on his

Upon entering the country, all people must report their health status and undergo a control carried out by personnel operating at the borders. In addition, they must maintain a preventive and voluntary quarantine in case of not having symptoms; If it does, then it must be isolated for 14 days.

Canada extends flight restrictions with the United States for another month

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on December 1 that the ban on non-essential travel at the border with the United States will not be lifted until the pandemic is largely under control around the world.

Canada and the United States have limited border crossings since March, extending the restrictions each month.

“Until the virus is significantly under control in all parts of the world, we are not going to ease restrictions at the border,” Trudeau told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

This Wednesday, the drug regulatory agency in Canada approved Pfizer’s vaccine against Covid-19. 

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Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Riviera Maya & Cancun

As of DEC 4th, 2020, there are 14, 951 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the Riviera Maya & Cancun region.

Confirmed Cases: 14, 591 | Negative Tests: 12, 539 | Recovered: 11, 989



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