Belize “relaxes” its quarantine after 14 days of confinement Mexico-Belice border may open soon


The Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, announced through a statement that as of April 25, activities in the country will begin to be reactivated.

The above after no new positive case of Covid-19 was registered within its borders since April 13.

According to their information, since April 8, the day the first positive case of the disease emerged, only 11 patients with coronavirus were registered, of which two lost their lives.

“The stricter measures were applied six days ago. Thanks to the population that fully complied with them. This allowed us to be successful in containing the virus, ”said Dean Barrow.

In this way, limited public transport will be reintroduced, the curfew on Sundays will be eliminated and economic activities will gradually be reactivated.

It is expected that on April 30 everything will return to normal and borders may be opened

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