Bacardi stops rum production to produce antibacterial gel instead


Bacardi left the rum to donate antibacterial gel to Arandas and Atotonilco

Last Wednesday, March 25, Bacardi Mexico reported that it will temporarily stop rum to focus on producing alcohol for hand sanitizers, due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

Empresa deja de hacer su 'popular' ron para la producción de gel ...

The plant is located in Tultitlán, State of Mexico, and in the statement, they mentioned that of the total gel produced at Grupo Sterk, a factory to which they donated alcohol for the production of the disinfectant, 2,100 of these gallons, equivalent to 8 One thousand liters would be donated to the local communities of Tutltitlán, Edo. of Doctor and Arandas and Atotonilco in Los Altos de Jalisco.

Today, April 1, just a week later, this donation is already a reality and Cruz Ámbar de Arandas received the antibacterial gel for the staff of the agency, thanking the support provided by Bacardí and Grupo Sterk, which will undoubtedly help in this fight against the coronavirus.

Bacardí ayuda a producir 1.1 millones de litros de gel desinfectante

A percentage will be donated to low-income regions

VIRAL: Empresa deja el ron y se une a la producción de gel ...

The first measurement of this type was carried out by the Bacardi plant in Puerto Rico, followed by Mexico, the United States, France, England, Italy, and Scotland.

Empresa deja de hacer su 'popular' ron para la producción de gel ...

On the other hand, Bacardi also announced that he will donate $ 3 million to his partners in the bar and restaurant industry during the ‘low consumption’ season.


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