Armed attack to a taqueria in Playa del Carmen, leaves one dead and one injured


An armed attack on a taco shop, attributed to the “collection of floor rights”, was recorded tonight in the Galaxias del Carmen 1 subdivision, in Playa del Carmen. The balance was one deceased taquero and another injured.

According to the preliminary report, the attackers arrived on motorcycles and opened fire on the employees of the “Gómez” taqueria. The same business that a month ago was also attacked with shots and there were no injuries.

After the attack, paramedics from different ambulances arrived and transferred the two injured people, however, one died minutes later in the hospital, due to injuries from firearm impacts. The other injured is reported as delicate.

This attack occurred just an hour after alleged hitmen shot at the facade of a sushi restaurant in the busy area known as “Point 115” of this tourist destination.

Elements of the State Public Security Secretariat, as well as agents of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) maintain an operation in different parts of Playa del Carmen in response to these events.

Source: Milenio