Aiming for more real estate investment in Quintana Roo


With 40 projects, they seek to further ignite the industry that continues to grow, especially towards areas like Tulum, Solidaridad, and Cancún.

A delegation from Quintana Roo will attend the Tourism Summit to be held in Puerto Vallarta with a portfolio of at least 40 real estate projects to detonate investment in the sector, thereby continuing the boom.

Patricia Mora, president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) in Quintana Roo, detailed that it will be at the end of June and they are going hand in hand with the Secretary of Economic Development, thereby further igniting an industry that continues to grow, especially towards areas like Tulum, Solidaridad, and Cancún.

“Quintana Roo is being one of the main catalysts for the industry, and we also see a lot of interest from abroad and nationals from Monterrey or Guadalajara, which is very positive for us,” she detailed.

The event will be from June 26 to 28 in its thirteenth edition, an event that is also promoting international tourist investment, and the entity will have a stand that will help to give economic certainty.

She highlighted that for the sector this becomes fundamental to continue advancing in the second half of the year, in which a greater reactivation of the investments that were paused by the electoral process is expected, although the interest was maintained and therefore it becomes an important event.

“From AMPI we have had many meetings of interest from foreign capitals and this is due to the infrastructure that has grown in the entity and this becomes attractive to companies,” she explained.

According to the Softec Market Dynamics report, the Cancún-Riviera Maya corridor has a portfolio of 551 projects, from which 42,000 units are derived, with Tulum reporting the majority of these with more than 284 projects, mostly with an offer of residential and residential plus housing, which are the sectors that are being focused on in the industry.

Source: Sipse