According to AMLO, in December we would have a health system like in Denmark


The president had promised that as of December 1, hospital care would be like in European countries.

Nothing contrasts more with an unlikely dream than the reality that arrives like a bucket of cold water.

The promise that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, had made to Mexicans, that is, that we would have a health system like that of Denmark, Canada, or the United Kingdom, was simply an unattainable illusion when seeing how the country’s hospitals are overwhelmed by patients (especially from Covid-19 at this stage) and lack of care (due to lack of personnel and resources), lack of medicines and administrative irregularities proliferates.

On Monday, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesys, head of the World Health Organization, had asked Mexico to “take seriously” the pandemic due to the crisis the country is going through, a stone that the undersecretary of Salud, Hugo López-Gatell, indicating that the “suggestion” had been for Mexicans in general, not for him. Society must react to this. Dr. Tedros is not telling me, the Secretary of Health or the president. If he wanted to do so, he might have sent a diplomatic statement, if that was the case. You have to take it seriously, this is not the time for weddings or celebrations, or start having congregations.

Lopez-Gatell said.

The public health problem has been a wound from which the 4th transformation administration has hobbled since its administration began. When Seguro Popular disappeared, millions of people were left without the service. 43,000 childcare centers were also eliminated under the pretext of operating with irregularities, that is, with the diversion of resources and corruption, according to them.

The lack of medicines for children with cancer has been a never-ending story for almost 2 years now, and the problem persists despite recent protests by desperate parents in front of the presidential caravan during their visit to Baja California, which the president has decided to ignore.

The changes in the Health system have affected the first front, responsible medical personnel who have also suffered the onslaught of the pandemic. Many of the most committed elements have fallen victim to the disease. The president’s denial in the face of the alarming crisis has been regrettable.

We saw him recently with the long lines for medical consultations at IMSS Clinic 27 in Tijuana. Hundreds of people waiting for hours, many of them with symptoms of Covid-19. The increase in cases is not only at the regional level, but also at the national level and it seems that López Obrador continues in his Guajiro dream of achieving something impossible with the actions that he is, or rather, is not taking.

Now many wonder, is that the health system like the one they have in Denmark, the United Kingdom, Canada, or the United Kingdom? 

The answer is obviously no.

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“Mexico is already Denmark”: mockery of AMLO’s promise about the health system

In social networks, several users are using the hashtag #MexicoComoDinamarca to mock the promise that Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, made on January 16 about the health system in his morning conference.

mexico false promise on healthcare

“On the first of December of this year, the public health system will be operating normally, with quality service, medical care, and free medicines. It will be working, that is the purpose, like the health services that exist in other parts of the world, as in Denmark, so we aspire, as in Canada, as in the United Kingdom, “said the president.

The deadline was met and he was used to generating several jokes about this day, “I just looked out the window and yes! We are already Denmark. I thought it was going to be a lie. Here is the view from my living room. Thank you 4T”, wrote @ Mexicano100PC

The user @econokafka ironically said, “Today Mexico woke up with a health system comparable to Denmark, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Free medical consultations, treatments, and medicines. All this thanks to the vision of an extraordinary statesman: AMLO.”

Actress Laura Zapata, who has always shown her anti-AMLO stance, also mocked and did so with a modified image of a passport that reads, “Mexinamarca” and also wrote, “I’m nervous, have you already reached “Your passport? I’m waiting for you. I’m not going to sleep all night. This president does keep his word.”

The journalist Sergio Sarmiento was a little more benevolent with the president, “Yes, today is December 1, the day that AMLO said that Mexico would have a health system like Denmark’s. Yesterday, for now, free of charge was decreed. all public health services in the country “.

This in reference to what is published in the Official Gazette of the Federation that mentions that as of December 1, 2020, care in the hospitals of the Federal Ministry of Health will be free for all patients.

Political analyst Gabriel Guerra Castellanos defended the president, “Good morning to everyone from a country that is neither going to be Denmark today nor was Switzerland a couple of years ago. We are what we are thanks to what we do and what we left to do.

However, what predominated in networks were the jokes about Mexico becoming Denmark.

It was not the only time that the president spoke of Denmark as an example country to follow, on January 8, he referred to this: “Look, the populists of Denmark and Norway guarantee the right to health. And health in Denmark is free, is in what they know as the welfare state, there is protection for the citizen from birth to death, that is the welfare state. What we want is to create a first-rate public health system and free, because health as education are not privileges, they are rights “.

On August 25 he mentioned it again, “How is it possible that in Denmark there is no corruption, there is no poverty, there is no insecurity, there is no violence, and so on other countries? The Danes do not know what corruption is, it is something alien completely to their public life and even to their personal life. That is why they have established the welfare state, pensions for the elderly, free medical services, free education, first-rate development, but there is no corruption, and so on other countries. “

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