Two tourists, a Romanian and a Paraguayan reported missing in Quintana Roo


(March 9, 2022).- Quintana Roo, México.-The first case is that of a Romanian woman who has disappeared since February, Mirela Stefania Stanciu, 28 years old, originally from Romania, the Alba Quintana Roo Protocol was activated, under alert number 31/ZN/2022, whose complaint was filed on March 7 of this year.

According to the relatives of the disappeared woman, they indicated that she had arrived with a group of friends, however, they returned to their country, but Mirela did not, and the reason is unknown and since then they have not been able to communicate with her. The last time she was seen, she was at a party in the municipality of Tulum on February 12th, between seven or eight at night.

The 28-year-old woman has brown eyes, light brown, wavy and long hair, she is 1.60 meters tall, fair complexion, and is approximately 51 kilograms.

The other missing person is a young man from Paraguay, who was last seen in the city of Cancún, municipality of Benito Juárez. Paraguayan Francisco Luis Alberto Talavera, 25 years old, has been missing for several days, and alert number 46/ZN/2022 was initiated on March 7.

In the facts, they state that Francisco was last seen in Cancun and his whereabouts are unknown one day before the complaint, at the time of his disappearance he was wearing a colored bathing suit.

The Paraguayan is of fair complexion, platinum blonde, straight, and short hair, dark brown eyes, is 1.60 meters tall, weighs 65 kilograms and among his particular signs, he has a tattoo on his right forearm in the shape of a lion, a tattoo on his ribs in shape of pole dance figure, and one more tattoo on his leg in the shape of a wolf.

Source: SIPSE

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